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130 BPM Single Trailer Mounted Blender

130 BPM Single Trailer Mounted Blender

The NRG 1320 Blender is a trailer-mounted blender unit capable of blending and delivering high rate slurry/proppant fracturing fluids in a wide range of ambient conditions.  With 1320 BHP on board, the NRG 1320 unit fields sufficient power for a high-shear blending action yielding smoother density control.  The unit is designed to deliver 130 BPM at a max discharge pressure of 70 PSI.  It is both designed to meet the rigorous demands of the current shale plays, as well as to perform reliable and precisely metered blending operations on lower rate applications.  Offering a complete automated and control system, this package is an optimal choice for large integrated fracturing operations.

All NRG equipment carries a strong warranty and is serviced under the NRG Aftermarket & Field Service Program.  Services include Field Service Technicians, Field Engineering Support, In-Shop Equipment Rebuild and Refurbishment, and Aftermarket Parts Supply & Exchange.

Download the NRG 130 BPM Single Trailer Mounted Blender Spec Sheet (PDF)

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