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3 Phase Separator Manufacturer

Ensuring efficient, cost-effective separation of gas, oil and water, NRG’s 3 phase separators are available in sizes and configurations that suit your application specifics. Our engineering team fabricates and constructs each ASME 3 phase separator based on your measurements and materials preference. Our pricing, turnarounds and design performance are the best in the industry.

Separator Configurations

NRG three phase separators have a variety of strengths, including their maintenance-free designs, unmatched durability and impressive removal efficiency. In addition, we can create your three phase separators using stainless steel or carbon steel materials, or in vertical or horizontal configurations.

  • Vertical 3 phase separator: intermediate gas-oil ratios
  • Horizontal 3 phase separator: high gas-oil ratios

Whether you choose vertical or horizontal separator designs, our quality control processes ensure the integrity and safety of each 2 or 3 phase separator.

Additionally, NRG provides coalescers that meet ASME standards and can be used for 3 phase separation. Three phase separators are used for applications such as well testing, cleaning, frac flowback operations and pigging.

Differences between 2 & 3 Phase Separators

At NRG, we also offer the design and fabrication of 2 phase separators. The differences between the separators is that 2 phase separators are designed specifically for gas and oil, while 3 phase separators are designed for gas, oil and water.

NRG offers special orders on ASME pressure vessels, gas separators and other oil & gas equipment. We also provide equipment installation and site consultations for slug catchers, 2 phase separators and other ASME Div 1 , Section VIII pressure vessel.

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