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ASME Pressure Vessels

NRG’s customers include major oil and gas companies in upstream, midstream and downstream markets who demand the best in engineering, design and manufacturing. When customers purchase our ASME pressure vessels (Division 1, Section VIII), they benefit from top-of-the-line equipment customization and fast turnaround. In addition, quality control processes begin the day of your order, and continue until equipment is assembled.

ASME vesselAt NRG, quality is our number-one priority. We understand that extreme pressures can present a danger to vessel operators, which is why we custom-design each ASME pressure vessel in accordance with ASME and ISO standards. NRG engineers ensure product integrity and guideline conformance, and our custom pressure vessels can be fabricated in a range of designs, materials and styles. In addition, each vessel undergoes extensive testing to ensure performance and efficiency. 

NRG can manufacture pressure vessels, subsea equipment, power supply systems and drilling system components that meet your application requirements. 

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