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Chemical Injection Skid Manufacturer

NRG chemical injection skids are an efficient, affordable way to address a variety of upstream and downstream system needs, including:

  • Well cleaning
  • Improved pipeline flow
  • Improved oil recovery
  • Corrosion prevention
  • Scale prevention
  • Demulsification
  • Glycol regeneration

Whether your project requires a single- or multi-injection package design, NRG Manufacturing ensures safe, high-performance fabrication. Our chemical injection skids and packages provide applicable chemicals according to specific process demands, and are ideal for offshore installations. NRG engineers can also fabricate and install optional safety devices on your skids to prevent over-pressurization and optimize your crew’s safety.  

Global oil refining, natural gas, water treatment and subsea companies rely on NRG to meet their fluid packaging requirements and supply equipment that is built to last. We offer chemical injection skids, lube oil skids and meter skids.

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