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Custom Pressure Vessels

Custom Pressure Vessel 3D RenderingNRG is an industry leader in fabricating custom pressure vessels to the oil & gas, petrochemical and water filtration industries. Our customers include global corporations in the upstream, midstream and downstream markets who expect the best in engineering, design and manufacturing.

Each of our custom pressure vessels is calculated, assembled, tested and guaranteed to conform to ASME Division 1, Section VIII standards (American Society of Mechanical Engineers). After reviewing your project specifications, NRG’s engineering team designs and manufactures cost-effective, quality-controlled vessels, while providing the best turnaround times in the industry.

Our carbon steel vessels, stainless steel pressure vessels, and customized ASME pressure vessels are engineered and fabricated to withstand the process necessary for your application. NRG serves a variety of industries that require high-caliber engineering and fabrication of pressure vessels, making us your number-one choice for industry-leading designs. And while NRG can build traditional pressure vessels, we specialize in custom pressure vessels that include a diverse range of:

  • Sizes and volumes
  • Horizontal or vertical designs
  • Modular or packaged systems
  • Specialty alloys and materials
  • High or low pressure ratings
  • Heating and cooling options
  • Accessory valves and piping
  • Ladders and platforms


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