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Well fracturing is important to promote a flow path between the reservoir rocks and the well itself. Hydraulic fracturing was developed in the 1940s to provide a safer method to break up the rock, and uses high pressure frac fluid and proppants to open the well. In most cases, fracking jobs can increase production from 1.5 to 30 times the rate of initial flow. NRG services the oil & gas industry with fracking equipment and spreads nationally. In Texas, many areas currently include the Eagle Ford, Haynesville and Barnett shale areas.

In regards to frac equipment (also called well stimulation equipment), the US EPA Tier IV FLEX Program is designed to allow manufacturers of non-road equipment built after the Tier IV emissions standards take effect, to use engines certified to those standards.

This FLEX program allows manufacturers, their distributors and OEM’s to purchase an allotment of specific motor families within a specified time frame. Motors purchased before this will qualify for the grace period allotted by the EPA to become Tier IV compliant.

As a Caterpillar OEM, NRG Manufacturing (NRG) is targeting the 3512C engine as it’s primary FRAC engine to apply to it’s Tier IV Flex Packaging.

At NRG we package the engines and transmissions, pumps, coolers, and fluid systems to the carrier. We then test, certify and deliver a working product ready for your specific controls applications and completion. Turn to NRG for the equipment you need for an entire FRAC spread.

Learn more about the NRG FRAC Pump Units and the NRG Trailer Mounted Blenders that are available. Additionally we offer FRAC equipment repair.

FRAC Equipment & Services We Offer

  • FRAC Equipment

    • FRAC Pumps

      We offer the Flex-2500 HP trailer-mounted frac pump unit to perform with acid, slick water & other proppant laden fracturing / stimulation fluids.

    • 130 BPM Single Trailer Mounted Blender

      The NRG 1320 Blender is a trailer-mounted blender unit capable of blending and delivering high rate slurry / proppant fracturing fluids.

    • FRAC Equipment Repair

      24 hours a day, 365 days a year -- We provide top-quality FRAC equipment repair services and documentation.

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