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FRAC Pump Units

2500 HP Frac Pump Unit w/ 3512C Engine

As part of our hydraulic fracturing equipment, NRG designs and fabricates FRAC pump units, specifically the NRG Flex-2500. The NRG Flex-2500 is a trailer-mounted fracturing unit capable of performing pumping operations with acid, slick water, and other proppant laden fracturing/stimulation fluids.  With nominal 2500 BHP supplied by a Tier 2 Caterpillar Diesel Engine and gearing provided by the heavy-duty Caterpillar TH-55 transmission, the Flex-2500 supplies both the power and ruggedness required by the current shale plays and general high horsepower pumping operations. 

All NRG equipment carries a strong warranty and is serviced under the NRG Aftermarket & Field Service Program.  Services include Field Service Technicians, Field Engineering Support, and Aftermarket Parts Supply and Exchange.

Download the NRG FRAC Pump Unit Specifications Sheet (PDF)

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