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NRG works closely with engineering firms, major producers, and subsea contractors to design and fabricate key structural components for subsea pipelines and deepwater developments. A PLEM (Pipe Line End Manifold) is a subsea structure used to connect rigid pipeline with other subsea structure. It sometimes serves as a support for other pipeline or vertical connectors. From small single hub subsea PLET (Pipe Line End Termination) to the largest multi-hub PLEMs, NRG has the experience and facilities necessary to manage even the most complicated projects.

We have fabricated substructures that are an integral part of some of the largest fields in the Gulf of Mexico as well as new developments off the coasts of West Africa and Brazil.

Worried about project logistics? FAT? System Integration Tests?

NRG has the facilities, engineering capability, and project management experience to coordinate your SIT and then transport system components to any location in the world.

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