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Located just outside of Houston, TX, NRG Manufacturing has the experience to engineer, design, fabricate, assemble and install the high-quality, conforming pressure vessels you need for project productivity and crew safety. A pressure vessel is a closed container (storage tank or vessel) that is built to hold either gases or liquids at internal or external pressures which exceed 15 psi (100 kPa).

All NRG pressure vessels meet ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code(BPVC) standards (Division 1, Section VIII) to ensure a long, useful service life and safety. Below are the types of materials we offer our vessels in:

  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel

As part of ASME standards, specifically Div. 1, which NRG adheres to in pressure vessel design and fabrication, the pressure may be from external sources, or by the application of heating from an indirect or direct source, or a combination. Our expertise includes the fabrication of high-pressure, low-pressure, cooling, heating or secondary containment vessels, and we also offer affordable delivery, installation and equipment repair. Read more specifically about our adherence to ASME standards for our pressure vessels.

Pressure Vessel Quality

pressure vessel diagramAt NRG, our quality control process begins the minute you place your order. We understand that each product is critical to your operating efficiency, and each of our employees is dedicated to creating high-caliber products that promote your company’s success. We operate under strict ISO and HSE guidelines, and follow the most stringent safety regulations in the industry.

We’re committed to providing you with equipment that is durable, economical and long-lasting, and our engineering experts are ready to meet your application requirements while ensuring performance and safety.

Types of Pressure Vessels We Offer

  • Pressure Vessels

    • ASME / ASTM Pressure Vessels

      We manufacture ASME & ASTM pressure vessels that meet & exceed industry standards with top-of-the-line customization & fast turnaround time.

    • Custom Pressure Vessels

      We are an industry leader in supplying custom pressure vessels to the oil & gas, petrochemical and water filtration industries.

    • Carbon Steel Pressure Vessels

      Our carbon steel pressure vessels are designed to withstand very high and low internal pressures, and can be used across petrochemical, gas, water filtration and energy industries to contain nitrogen, water, air and fuel byproducts.

    • Stainless Steel Pressure Vessels

      We supply ASME stainless steel pressure vessels designed for reliable performance, value, and cost-effectiveness.

    • Oil & Gas Pressure Vessels

      Our oil and gas pressure vessels can be constructed with a range of capacity, material and wall thickness options, and is ASME certified.

    • Water Pressure Vessels

      NRG's water pressure vessels consist of Hydrocyclones and Coalescers and undergo quality control processes to provide a lengthy, safe service life.

    • Brine Filters

      When it's time to purchase standard-sized or customized brine filters for your next project, contact the engineering experts at NRG.

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