Topside Connections

Topside and Riser Connections

We offer a wide range of connector products for topsides facilities, risers and cryogenic floating facilities. Our proprietary Taper-Lok® connectors with leak-free seal technology provide safe, reliable connections with exceptional speed of make-up and weight reduction benefits. All Taper-Lok products have a +/- 2 degree misalignment capability leading to significant reductions in flange joint installation times. Standard Taper-Lok connection sizes range from 0.5 to 83 inches. They can operate at pressures up to 40,000 psi, and temperatures ranging from -350ºF to +1600º F (-212ºC to +870ºC). We also offer the CofferLok connector range of products for topsides and risers systems which includes the CofferLok clamp connector, CofferLok compact flange (standard) and CofferLok compact flange (NORSOK L-005).

Weight Savings

With weight savings of up to 80 percent in comparison to ANSI flanges, our connection systems can typically save up to 1M pounds of weight on an offshore floating platform. Normally used topsides in ANSI 600#-15K psi.

Space Savings

Space savings of up to 80 percent with smaller O.D. and length dimensions compared to ANSI/API flanges. Pipe runs are closer together for more room for process equipment and future tie-backs. Small O.D. pull-in heads are available.

  • Weld Neck Flange
  • Misalignment Ball Flange
  • Male Swivel Flange
  • Misalignment Swivel Flange
  • Male or Female Blind Flange
  • Clamp Connector
  • Industry Standard Flange Products
  • CofferLok Compact Flange (Standard)
  • CofferLok Compact Flange (NORSOK L-005)

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